Uniqueness of this technology that Altek’s breakthrough in chemistry and technology have made possible for aluminum, an abundant and fully recyclable metal, to be used as a fuel, more powerful than liquid fuels and natural gas, to generate electricity in Altek™ fuel cells, almost hundred times cheaper than existing similar technology.Moreover, in the process of generating energy with ZERO pollution APS’ fuel – Aluminum – turns into a valuable by-product – high purity aluminum hydroxide, which can be used for different industries and also is the final material for the production of new Aluminum, enabling a complete recyclable fuel solution.within a course of production of the aluminum.

While Altek Fuel Group, Inc. (AFG) is a relatively new company, Altek has assembled an unparalleled team of business people, and experienced fuel cell scientists and engineers.

AFG believes its technological advances in GDEs and MEAs have provided a way to mass produce reproducible, low cost fuel cells. Prototype production has been demonstrated using a modified extrusion technology which clearly has potential for quality, high-volume production. The Company uses post-production catalyzation to minimize catalyst requirements by loading the catalyst only at working active electrode sites.

The proprietary Replaceable Cartridge System for Alkaline Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell and the Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge for PEM Fuel Cells are equally outstanding enhancements to the existing industry product line.

In addition Altek’s Alkaline Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell working prototype, the APS 100 , is a fully portable self-contained unit that has undergone significant testing in the laboratory, with remarkable results.

The Altek team brings decades of science, engineering, entrepreneurship and financial expertise to the commercialization of the fuel cell industry. With the principals having participated in more than 50 patent and patent pending technologies, having written more than 100 articles on various related scientific concepts, technical structures and business strategies and having managed numerous enterprises for many years, they look forward to undertaking the strategic relationships necessary to bring to the world an affordable energy supply.

Altek’s team looks forward to undertaking the strategic relationships necessary to bring to the world an affordable Fuel Cell energy supply.

All technologies are protected by the company’s patent portfolio. (Patents pending)

The Altek Fuel Group of Brooklyn, New York, reports that the extensive testing of its lab prototype, APS 100, demonstrates the creation of a fuel cell with a steady specific energy above 350wh/kg. The results of the fuel consumption (industrial aluminum) analysis show the ability to create a cost-effective, ecologically friendly and efficient fuel cell power supply with the highest specific energy and lowest energy cost of any portable power supply or battery on the market. One cartridge powers a laptop for 24 hours.

The company’s technology has been under intensive research and development for the past five years by company scientists.Altek’s R&D team has been able to overcome several technological problems, including the hydrogen utilization, and its innovative design features proprietary GDEs and electrolyte.

Altek’s CEO, Alex Lauren, said, “This ground-breaking technology will open the doors for the production of affordable consumer products.”