Our Mission

P and B Global Energy is a United States-based renewable energy project developer. Our business is to develop and operate commercially viable renewable energy projects in the USA and abroad  Altek has been active in the Energy Fuel cell industry for over 25 years and has now expanded to renewable energy as we recognize the growing importance of this industry. P and B Global Energy was started in 2015 as consultants of the Altek Fuel Group of engineering .Our first major project will be in India for the commercial manufacturing of the aluminum fuel cell.This plant is significant because of being a cost effective  and competitive manufacture of fuel cell products.  Our target operational efficiency will be at the forefront of the Fuel Cell industry standards.

P&B Global Energy is a market leader with cutting edge technology in the Fuel Cell arena. We represent the Fuel Cell company for the licensing of the world rights of the  metal fuel cell. The Fuel Cell will able to be  customized  for the commercial and residential marketplace as well as move forward with many applications , and by applying traditional risk mitigation, diversification and operational optimization strategies for our clients.